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Joanne Whitaker

Christian Educator

My passion is teaching and I am so grateful that God has allowed me to teach Christian classes that help students thrive academically and spiritually. Every single one of my students is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God with different gifts and goals. I start every one of my classes with prayer, which keeps Jesus the focus of our class and our lives.


I believe my job is to equip, encourage, and provide a safe environment where students feel comfortable learning. I believe strongly that students who are actively involved in the classroom will not only glean the knowledge they need but enjoy the learning process.

I utilize various learning styles and encourage critical thinking, which is vitally important in the world today.


My purpose and mission in teaching AP and CLEP classes is to allow Christian students the opportunity to gain knowledge of academic subjects without having to enroll in a secular college class, where the material often contradicts the core beliefs of Christianity.


I am a teacher and retired homeschool mom. I homeschooled my daughter K-12, and I believe homeschooling is such a gift for parents and their children. Therefore, journeying with other homeschool families has been a blessing and an honor.

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