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A  Christian alternative to dual enrollment classes for middle and high school students to earn college credit through College Board CLEP Exams 

Private tutoring  K-12  ELA (English Language Arts)AP, CLEP, SAT, ACT, PERT, FAST

Step Up Scholarship Approved - Florida 

Now Enrolling 2024 - 2025 classes August - May  

(classes change each school year) 

CLEP English Literature and CLEP Composition 

CLEP Intro to Psychology 

CLEP American Government 

CLEP Macro & Micro Economics 

CLEP United States History I 

How to Stay Christian in college and beyond ( Apologetics) 
To enroll in a class email 

Every week students participate in engaging classroom discussions

and are encouraged to utilize critical thinking.

The College Board AP / CLEP classes provide an opportunity for students to obtain

all or part of their A.A. or A.S. before graduating high school.

Homeschool students have the opportunity to obtain both high school and college credit through taking these classes.

I am an approved Educator for the Step Up Scholarship Program in Florida

and will help your student pass the required FAST test, in addition to the SAT, ACT, and PERT exams. If your student is struggling in any area of  ELA or if your student wants to obtain college credit for a CLEP class through private tutoring, I offer that service as well.

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